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praniSheba Shared Farming connects marginal farmers with urban investors. It is a modern attempt to ensure the economic viability of marginal farmers through small investments. The use of the latest technology has been making it possible to run Shared Farming successfully.  In praniSheba Shared Farming, adolescent cattle aged 18-24 months are bought and given to a marginal livestock farmer where the pranisheba’s branch office is located. For the next 4-5 months, the farmer raises this cattle. The cattle are then sold at the local market or through the praniSheba shop to any buyer at the most profitable price.

Thank you for your interest in our Joutho Khamar (Shared Farming) Project. You can join us as an investor in praniSheba Joutho Khamar Project by investing in one cattle (minimum). 15% profit will be paid on the investor's investment as per Shariah profit law. For more details please call: 09643207003.

praniSheba selects beneficiaries by observing the farmers after about 3 months of being under our easy package services. If those easy package farmers pass the protocol, we enlist them as our shared farmers. For more details about the easy package https://pranisheba.com.bd/

After rearing cattle for six months, the cattle will be sold at the highest possible price, and the farmer will get a 60% profit share from the sales profit. 

You can join us as an investor in the praniSheba Shared Farming project by investing through our website (https://jouthokhamar.pranisheba.com.bd/ ) or call us directly on our 24/7 customer service number  09643207003, our praniSheba customer service team will guide you through the whole process step by step. You need to invest a minimum of BDT 80,000 on one cattle for the regular meat market, and for Qurbani, a minimum of BDT 55,000 to BDT 60,000 per one cattle is needed to invest to start your Joutho Khamar project.

When an investor invests for 6 months he will get a 15% profit return on the investment money based on the Shariah law. 

Minimum investment can be made on 1 cattle and maximum on any number above one.

You can invest for a period of 6 months minimum. However, you can reinvest any time you want for the next slot. 

For investment, Investors need to have their NID, Bank account name, and number, and also the NID of the nominee. 

You can deposit the money by bank cheque or by a payment gateway named shurjoPay which is integrated with the website and App

Your investment is ensured by a money receipt and an investment certificate. Both will be provided to you after your investment. You can also visit our office directly for more details.

It means that whether the project makes a profit or loss Investor will bear the profit or loss based on the percentage. 

To ensure proper health our praniSheba vet provides free treatment to our shared farmers, and also, provides deworming and vaccination for precaution. For shared farming cattle, we have a diet chart provided by our veterinarian followed by providing organic feed and fresh grass and hay.  

In this Shared Farming project revenue will be paid per Shariah law. In that case, the company and the investor must bear the profit or loss. But usually, it’s less likely to face loss as all our cattle are insured by proper insurance methods, and sold at our praniSheba Shop (https://pranishebashop.com.bd), for more details contact us on the helpline or please visit our head office directly.

It means an institution can invest in this project as an individual entity.

 It means an individual can invest his or her own money in this project.

Yes it will be the same.

 There is no time limit for investing

Cattle under adorsho praniSheba Shared Farming are insured through an Insurance Company. So in case of death, the compensation is paid through the insurance company under adorsho ​​praniSheba. As this project follows the shariah method of investment, the profit will be paid as per Shariah law. In case of loss, both the company and the investor have to bear the loss. But generally, there is no chance of loss, as we can claim insurance for cattle in case of death and all our Shared Farm cattle get sold at praniSheba Shop or at the local hat.