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High return on investment opportunity for you to contribute to the development of the rural economy 

Total Investment
BDT 76.8M
Farm produce
BDT 11.5M
Return for farm funders
Registered Farmers
How we work

How it helps your
business succeed

An individual or institution can invest in a bull (200kg on average) at the specified price. praniSheba identifies beneficiaries, procures the cattle, carries out deworming/vaccination, brings the cattle under praniSheba Easy Package, which provides facial recognition through artificial intelligence and machine learning to activate insurance services and the farmers rear the cattle for approximately 4 to 5 months. The cattle is sold at the best price after the rearing period is over and the proceeds are divided amongst the three parties, the farmer, the investor and praniSheba. After sales, the farmer receives the lion's share, which is 60% of the profit. The investor receives 15% profit return and praniSheba receives 25%, for cattle purchase and distribution, deworming and vaccination, vet consultancy, providing insurance services, and also for monitoring. praniSheba also provides investors with Joutho Khamar App, through which investors can oversee and monitor their purchased cattle.